A Little Bit of Arbejdsglaede Goes a Long Way

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There are times when deeper delving is called for to find the true seed of change within one’s intention.  Like so many, I start each year with New Year resolutions — committing to them through February or March and then slowly forgetting over the remaining months.  This little ritual provides a sense of action and [...]


Design Inspiration V.07.2010

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How to Create Poetry in Space What differentiates great design from good design? What gives some designers that particular edge that takes a space from functional, interesting, and lovely to remarkable, amazing, and awe-inspiring? My theory is that they have a mastery of language – the language of design – in which they use a [...]


Design Inspiration V.06.2010

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Looking for Alternatives in the Petroleum Age. A Call to action. Like most people, I have been keeping track of the disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. I have tried to make sense of the public relations efforts of BP, the company responsible for the spill. I have noticed the variety of opinions [...]

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